Things To Do In Mahogany Mayakoba

  • October 30, 2022

Mahogany Mayakoba is an amazing destination that features some of the most beautiful views, cenotes, and natural pools around. The land was originally a Mayan village in ancient times, and then later it was given to Hacienda Mayakoba by King Carlos III in 1769.

Things to do in Mahogany Mayakoba

1. Visit the cenotes.

This was the first attraction in Mayakoba. The cenotes are amazing, especially the Dos Ojos cenote. It is filled with crystal clear water and is full of caves and tunnels.

2. Salsa classes

Take a salsa lesson at one of the many resorts in Mahogany Mayakoba like Fuego Maya or Hotel Barcelo, or rent one of their dance floor tables on-site from Barcelo Maya Beach Resort and enjoy some great dancing onsite along with other resort guests.

All our stand up rooms have floor to ceiling windows for constant ocean views, Jacuzzis for maximum relaxation, and air conditioning for cooling off at night.

3. Visit the wildlife reserve

Go on a tour with one of the many travel agencies in Mahogany Mayakoba around the wildlife reserve and learn about the history, native animals, and birds who call this beautiful place home.

4. Eat fabulous food at fine restaurants

A few of our finest dining experiences that we have rated are El Patio, El Lagarto, Los Barrigones and many more wonderful dining activities to choose from in Mayakoba.

5. Visit the modern art gallery

Take an afternoon stroll through a great art gallery in Mahogany Mayakoba filled with amazing local and international works of art, and enjoy a relaxing day at one of the most beautiful art galleries in all of Mexico.

6. Ride a horse through the beach, dunes, and forest trails.

Riding stables can be found around this part of Mexico and horseback riding is always an amazing experience for tourists who are looking to take in the natural beauty that is around them on a trail ride through this beautiful area.

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